Our greatest asset is our people; from people in the workplace to our clients. We remain true to our founding values of quality, commitment, hard-work and integrity in all our projects, and are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. YICT places great emphasis on attracting and retaining highly-skilled senior and middle management staff. The Company follows a consultative process with its employees at all levels on matters affecting them in their work environment. It is an equal opportunity employer and no discrimination is made because of race, gender or creed.


YICT places great emphasis on the training and development of all employees. Through our in-house mentorship scheme, the needs of our staff are identified and training programmes implemented in order to effectively develop individual growth and performance. Skills education is facilitated at site level through formal training programmes. The company formulates and conducts an annual training and development plan, either on the company’s premises or at training centers outside its premises, to develop the employees’ occupational and professional skills and abilities in order to keep them abreast with the professional knowledge and skills required by business and to carry out their work duties efficiently and effectively. Every YICT employee receives enough training through a comprehensive training and development plan that responds to the individual and team training needs identified by the supervisors of departments or divisions at the company


Believing in the community partnership principles to  uplift as many communities and individuals as possible, through skill development and social responsibility commitments. To build communities, YICT is involved
in a variety of events and activities which include but  not limited to the followings:

  • Sponsoring and supporting graduation ceremonies of universities and institutions students
  • Training and developing universities and institutions new graduates (in house and field training programs)
  • Supporting and encouraging top and gifted students
  •  Commitments to construction skills transfer. We provide hands on and in house training programs to subcontractors. The objective of which is to create sustainable employment
  • Ramadan evening functions and Feasts
  • Gatherings, conferences and festivals

Quality Management

Seeking to achieve YICT’s primary aim which is to provide excellent construction services that satisfy the needs of the national/international community, The YICT management has decided to develop and implement a quality management system .

This system includes the following:

• To provide the most appropriate solutions to clients through assessment of their needs and demands.

• To provide public construction services that conforms to the prevailing infrastructure requirements.

The YICT quality policy aims to apply the effective procedures and measures that ensure effective and efficient to delivery of our services that meet the needs and expectations of our clients and abide by the applicable building and construction regulations and laws including the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System requirements, construction standards and Bids &Tenders law. We regularly strive to improve the effectiveness of the company’s quality management system.

The assessment of the quality system is carried out during the management review meetings which include reviewing the existing and developed quality objectives as required , during those meetings the quality policy is also reviewed to ensure its continuing suitability and validity to the quality system and objectives .


Our mission is to achieve and maintain the highest level of Safety, Health and Environmental control in all areas of the Company’s operations. Innovative training and education programs allow us to provide our employees and subcontractors with the tools they need to increase safety and reduce the risk on every project we manage.

Safety And Security

YITC safety and security policy is aimed at maintaining a zero-incident and environmentally sound workplace. And that is why a special department for safety and security has been formed. This department is responsible for managing, directing, planning, executing and monitoring all matters pertaining to occupational safety and security in the company or construction site. The duties of the occupational safety and security system department include the following: • Establishing the procedures and issuing the technical instructions and guidelines with regard of the implementation of occupational safety and security policy. • Promoting a safety culture in accordance with the company safety and security standards. • Identifying occupational safety and security risks for all activities. • Conducting regular job site inspection to make sure that worker wear the personal protective equipment (PPE) at work. • Organizing safety and security training courses for the company staff • Raising awareness about occupational safety and security through posters, banners, leaflets and booklets. • Conducting accident investigations and filed studies on the accident causes in order to take the necessary measures to decrease accidents

Environmental Management Plan

The protection of our environment is a prerequisite consideration in
all decisions and actions of the Company. Coupled with our generic
Environmental Management Plan (EMP), the site management will
formulate a site-specific EMP prior to occupation of the project. This
plan will also take into account the Employers’ EMP usually issued by
their appointed Environmental Control Officer (ECO).
The EMP includes:

  • General Environmental Procedures
  • Storm water Management Plan
  • Management of Topsoil
  • Destruction of Vegetation
  •  Impact on Animal Life
  •  Site Office / Construction Camp Management Plan
  • Toilet Facilities, Waste Water and Refuge Disposal

Quality Standard Certificate ISO

 Quality Management System Certificate   ISO 9001 : 2015
Occupational Health & Safety Standard Certificate  :  ISO 45001 : 2016
Environmental Standard Certificate  :  ISO 14001 : 2004